This demo uses VGG, an image feature extraction model, and Milvus to build a system that can perform reverse image search.

The system architecture is displayed as follows:


The following tables show recommended configurations for reverse image search. These configurations haven been tested.


Intel® Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz




Ubuntu 18.04


Milvus 0.9.0

This demo uses the PASCAL VOC image set, which contains 17125 images with 20 categories: human; animals (birds, cats, cows, dogs, horses, sheep); transportation (planes, bikes,boats, buses, cars, motorcycles, trains); household (bottles, chairs, tables, pot plants, sofas, TVs)

Dataset size: ~ 2 GB.

Download location:

Note: You can also use other images for testing. This system supports the following formats: .jpg and .png.

1. Run Milvus Docker

This demo uses Milvus 0.10.0. Start method reference link:

2、Run pic-search-webserver docker

$ docker run -d --name zilliz_search_images_demo \
-v ${IMAGE_PATH1}:/tmp/pic1 \
-v ${IMAGE_PATH2}:/tmp/pic2 \
-p 35000:5000 \
-e "DATA_PATH=/tmp/images-data" \

In the previous command, IMAGE_PATH1 and IMAGE_PATH2 specify the path where images are located. These locations are mapped to the docker container. After deployment, you can use /tmp/pic1 and /tmp/pic2 to load images. MILVUS_HOST specifies the IP address of the Milvus Docker host. Do not use backloop address "". You do not have to modify other parts of the command.

3. Run pic-search-webclient docker

$ docker run --name zilliz_search_images_demo_web -d --rm -p 8001:80 \
-e API_URL=http://${WEBSERVER_IP}:35000 \

In the previous command, WEBSERVER_IP specifies the server IP address that runs pic-search-webserver docker.

After deployment, enter ${WEBCLIENT_IP}:8001 in the browser to open the interface for reverse image search. WEBCLIENT_IP specifies the server IP address that runs pic-search-webclient docker.


Enter the path of an image folder in the pic_search_webserver docker container, such as /tmp/pic1. Click Load to load the pictures. The following screenshot shows the loading process:


Note: After clicking the Load button, it will take 1 to 2 seconds for the system to response. Please do not click again.

The loading process may take several minutes. The following screenshot shows the interface with images loaded.


Select an image to search.


It has been tested tha the system can complete reverse image search within 1 second using the recommended configuration. To load images in other directories of the pic_search_webserver docker, specify the path in the textbox.